As a full-service moving company, Luxury Logistics Movers is able to offer residential movers with secure, affordable storage-in-transit (SIT) options as a complement to our traditional moving services.

If you’re planning a move but your new residence isn’t quite ready, or you need some additional storage space while you sell your previous home, Luxury Logistics Movers can help. Our specialized storage services provide an easy-to-use, flexible solution when you’re faced with moving schedule challenges. We’ll store your belongings at our secure, convenient storage facilities as part of the moving process, hold them on site until your new home is ready, then move them into your new space when you are ready.


We have all the packing ability for your goods to make sure all is save and sound with your cargo. Here we are the ones to make it happen.


Always available to make sure all goes well with your package as you can talk with our agents for your solution.


We take what you want to where ever you want us to. Our job is to transport so we love doing it for you

Here are the things we do when it comes to Luxury Logistics Movers.  Our customers classify the company to a high range for our prompt and reliable services in any aspect of shipping services, holding a considerable advantage in our experienced staff, the use of our own equipment, as well as the justifying use of port equipment for loading & discharging RO/RO (roll-on / roll-off), Container and Bulk Vessels.

We have been moving your goods since 1990 and are committed to providing you with a great service every time.

Send parcels throughout Europe with our DPD Classic service—from Spain to Denmark, Germany to Estonia, the Netherlands to Austria, and more. We also offer domestic services within each of these countries; for example, from one address in France to another.

We combine longstanding freight expertise with a suite of freight services tailored to your shipping needs. Our relationship with international carriers and shipping companies, following over 20 years in the freight forwarding business, allows us to negotiate the best possible rates.

With fulfilment services from Forward Air t, we’ll store your inventory at our depot and ship out to your customers. It saves time and effort on your part, and allows your business to stay flexible and responsive as your consumer base grows.

With supply chains becoming ever more complex and global, a company’s ability to effectively control and maintain visibility of processes, data flows and the status of shipments is critical to remaining competitive.

To assist clients with this challenge, International Rocket Delivery have developed a Lead Logistics Provider (LLP or 4PL) solution that delivers:

  • Global visibility and monitoring
  • Process standardization
  • Enhanced management control and strategy delivery
  • Centralization of supply chain data


  • Global, regional and local strategies
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Ensures data quality
  • Management of legislative developments


  • Process management
  • Identify consolidation opportunities
  • Continuous improvement
  • Transport mode migration- air to sea


  • Headcount reduction
  • Fewer supplier relationships
  • Carrier management
  • Management reporting and analysis


  • Global visibility built on cloud-based technology
  • Owned and developed by Yusen Logistics
  • Flexible levels of connectivity


  • Increased network visibility and responsiveness
  • Reduced supply chain and freight costs
  • Optimal inventory levels and decreased levels of buffer inventory
  • Compliance penalties minimized